"Start Referring, Start Earning"


WELCOME TO WORDSMITH LEARNING HUB Referral Program for Coaching Class

  • Students are Struggling with various activities at school nowadays, so emotional support & managing techniques becomes need of the hour. Wordsmith imparts not only subject knowlege but also tips to build Confidence, Self-dicipline, Self-motivation, Time and Stress management techniques

  • As parents, Wordsmith understands that you want to give the best for your child's education. At Wordsmith Learning Hub, we always have classes based on student ability as High Achievers (60 & above) and Achievers (60 & below) committed to providing the best coaching in Singapore, and we value your support and trust in Wordsmith coaching centre

  • Wordsmith believes that referrals are the ultimate compliment, and Wordsmith would like to reward our existing students, passed-out students, and other parents who have used our other services for referring new students to Wordsmith Coaching Primary Subjects Maths, Science, English and Secondary Subjects for Tamil Language

  • If your child is currently studying at Wordsmith Learning Hub, you can refer your friends, family members, or classmates to join Wordsmith Referral Program. In return, Wordsmith will offer you one month off on your next month's fees payment. This means that you can save a significant amount of money simply by referring new students to us

  • If you're a passed out student or a parent who has enrolled in passed, you can refer new students to Wordsmith and receive a referral fee of $200. All you need to do is provide us with your PayNow details, and Wordsmith will credit the amount directly to your bank account during 4th week after enrolment of your referred parent

Why should you refer new students to Wordsmith Learning Hub
Here are some benefits:


Quality education with 21st century Skill-Set

At Wordsmith Learning Hub, we are committed to provide high-quality education to students. Wordsmith's experienced and highly qualified tutors, well-designed curriculum, and personalized attention ensure that your child receives the Best Primary Coaching in Singapore


Save money

By referring new students to us, you can save a significant amount of money on your child's fees. With one month off on your next month's fees payment or a referral fee of $200, you can bring the best out of your child's potential (T&C apply)


Community building

Wordsmith Learning Hub is more than just a coaching centre. Wordsmith helps to build community of students, parents, and tutors who are committed to academic excellence. By referring new students, you're building Wordsmith community and helping Wordsmith to serve more students to reach their dreams