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HeadStart to prepare for New AY 2024
  • Proven track record of success for the past 10 years, with over 5,000 students achieving their desired academic results
  • Ability based class to place the students with their recent grade as Achiever and High Achiever, so their confidence level increase
  • Achiever Class (Students scoring less than 60) wordsmith teach the foundation again, if required and max 5 students in this class for more personalised attention
  • Ex-MOE/MOE/NIE trained teachers trained for ability based class handling
  • Innovative and proven methodologies to bring Fast Grade Improvement

Coaching Centre

Don’t wait – Give your child the gift of a strong foundation in English, Math, and Science. Wordsmith skilled and committed teachers will help your child learn the important skills for success in school and in life.

English-Tuition Wordsmith Learning Hub
  • Story-based curriculum revolving around moral values
  • Creative activities to remember more vocabulary
  • Collective Word Bank to expand vocabulary usage
  • Weekly Creative Ideas Collection for improved story-telling
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Maths-Tuition Wordsmith Learning Hub
  • Learning Station Activity to hone concept experts
  • Review of Mistakes to avoid commonly-made mistakes by students
  • Class brainstorming to activate deep thinking
  • Rigorous questions practice for consistent revision
  • Math manipulatives for an immersive learning experience
  • Real-life and relevant examples to understand concepts better
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Science-Tuition Wordsmith Learning Hub
  • Interesting hands-on Science experiments
  • Productive Class Brainstorming to stimulate deep thinking skills
  • Exploration of your surroundings & nature
  • Catch the Keywords
  • Avoid these errors to SCORE HIGH
  • Flipped Learning - Preparation ahead for following topic
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Wordsmith's Programs based on Students ability

Achiever's Program

Is your child struggling with grades below 60? No Worries! | Transform Your Child’s Academic Performance with Wordsmith’s Achiever Class.
Wordsmith Ability based Special Programs to helps to learn with own pace with more confidence and to achieve consistent grade improvement to go their Dream School. Wordsmith’s goal is to bring holistic development within the children for consistency in grade achievement. Wordsmith has specially designed a curriculum for the Achiever’s class(60 and below scores). All class impart both subject knowledge and emotional intelligence (IQ and EQ), covering self-discipline, time management and stress management, building self-confidence skills to achieve faster result.
Achievers Program Tuition in Singapore

High Achiever's Program

HA class are more strategy based class to give more exposure to Challenging Questions to score high even in difficult exam papers.

More exposure to Higher-order thinking questions which are more complex and Difficult problems / application oriented questions are introduced to stretch their ability to apply concepts at a deeper level.

Effective problem solving exposure given in the worksheets and encourage project based learning and innovative resources shared to equip them well.

10 Years of Experience

How Wordsmith is Different

Wordsmith Learning Hub - English, Math, Science Tuition Centre in Singapore
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    Joy of Learning

    Wordsmith believes, “Every child learns in their own way.” Personalized activities are planned for each topic to ensure students focus on concepts with high interest and passion, experiencing joy in learning.
  • 02

    Learning Made Easy

    Small class sizes for personalized attention. Hybrid learning approach for convenience and flexibility. High-end Zoom features for interactive learning. A wide range of resources for comprehensive support.
  • 03

    Strengthen 21st Century Skills

    Wordsmith aims to prepare students for a successful future by developing skills like Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Inventive thinking.
Successful Approach

Wordsmith's Strategy

Wordsmith will be guiding students using POLYA’s four steps in Problem Solving


Understand the Problem by Reading it Carefully

Look ↔ Visulalize ↔ Organise ↔ Connect

Devise a Plan

Setting up an Equation or Drawing a Diagram or Making a Chart.

Carry Out the Plan (Solve)

Use Computational Skills, Geometric Skills, Logical Reasoning

Look Back, Check and Interpret

Reflect By Improving Method Used, Seek Alternative Solutions, Extend Solutions To Other Problems

Parents Testimonials

Parents are sharing their joy about their child’s academic success by sharing testimonials. Celebrate your child’s achievements with wordsmith!

Visit WSLH channel for more parent testimonials.
Visit WSLH channel for more parent testimonials.

Hear from Happy Parents - Testimonials in Their Own Words

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Wordsmith's Approach

STEP-BY-STEP eg. Primary Math

AT WSLH, Wordsmith move on to achieve target by following step-by-step approach according to Singapore MOE syllabus

  • NOTES: To understand new topic, it needs to develop building up fundamentals
  • CLASS ACTIVITY SHEETS: This activities will play a major role in bringing the “JOY FACTOR” i.e gaining confidence and learning collaboration, critical thinking, knowledge of interrelationship between topics
  • MCQ (SECTION A): Help in tackling basic questions
  • PROBLEM SUMS( SECTION B and C): Help develop precision by practicing Short-answer and Big problem sums
  • TOPICAL REVIEW TEST: Mixture of questions from (A,B,C) to gain mastery of exam techniques, critical time management skills and coverage of non-routine questions.
step by step Wordsmith's Approach