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How We are Different?
  • Have experienced Ex-MOE/MOE/NIE trained teachers who are highly driven and committed in not just improving the student’s scores but also their EQ skills.

  • Classes are Structured according to different abilities, so students will be placed under right classes according to their level of performance in different subjects.

  • Innovative and Proven Methodologies to boost the student’s morale to improve grades.

We are the ONLY LEARNING CENTRE in Singapore that emphasises in improving EQ Skills. We believe that Students need to put 50% Confidence (EQ)and 50% Smart work in order to achieve better results.

How EQ Skills Improve Grades?

The influential Harvard theorist Howard Gardner said that“Your EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them”, which is why we at Wordsmith ensure to boost the child’s EQ skills by working on confidence, self awareness, self discipline, motivation and empathy.

Research has also shown that among the ingredients for success only about 10-25% is IQ while the rest depends on EQ. We strongly believe students need to given holistic growth along with EQ skills to Score better grades and face challenges in their life with ease.

Heres What Your Child Will Learn



Our Primary English Program helps students to hone their expertise in composition, comprehension, cloze passage, oral, grammar, synthesis and transformation. Creativity will be enhanced through shortcut methods to score high in compositions at all primary levels. Our well trained teachers would impart the love for English language and at the same time bring consistent improvement within 3 to 6 months.



Our Science Classes are a perfect blend of various activities and tasks to bring out the Junior Einstein in your child. The concepts are broken down and explained in simple ways for the student’s best understanding. This helps them apply those concepts in rreal-timewith examples and provokes curiosity and create interest towards Science. Application of Concept-based Strategies and reinforcing the principles ensures success of every student.



Math will be taught in simplified ways to students, which helps to understand the concept easily & apply it instantly in practice papers to gain confidence. Our tutors understand the weaker areas of the students & help to achieve mastery of concepts in that areas to jump grades. They Share Tips and Strategies with easy problem-solving approach & scoring techniques to Ace all Exams. Student’s performance is tracked easily & relevant practise is given to improve their overall Score.


• Wordsmith teach strategy based methodology to bring fast improvements in grades

• Guaranteed result within 3-6 months period

• We teach students how to use the Vocabulary & Phrases differently to Score Full Marks in Compo. Students jump grade, if they apply 70% wordsmith strategies, get 1-2 Jump grade within short time

• “Non Tamil Students Intensive Coaching” - by giving more oral practise every 30 mins in each class – Oral is a big challenge for those students who do not converse in Tamil at home and for those who have other mother tongue background but studying Tamil as a subject

• Compo and Oral Class for P3 to Sec.4, Higher Tamil Class - P5/PSLE/Sec.3/Sec, PSLE Intensive Coaching Class

• We provide Primary/Sec students different ways to approach each sections in Paper 1/ 2 /3 to avoid common / repeated / simple mistakes, there by score will increase by 5-10 marks

• We as PSLE / O-level Specialist, use our well-crafted materials for paper 1, 2, and 3 from Primary 1 to Secondary 4 to face challenging questions. Through questions varying levels of difficult catering to all students, fast Improvement in Grades can be achieved to enter the dream schools in Secondary / JC