Learning Tamil in Singapore involves two things: understanding how to study, and choosing where to study the language. This said learners cannot achieve a high level of fluency in Tamil unless they understand the language in the traditional and cultural context. Therefore, it’s important that your child chooses to read, speak and write in Tamil. 

There aren’t Tamil classes in most schools in Singapore. Subsequently, students hardly get any time or opportunity for doing Tamil subject assignments including vocabulary building or developing essays. This has stood in the way of students working to achieve an appreciable level of proficiency and fluency in Tamil. Such learners need the tutelage of a professional Tamil coaching centre such as Wordsmith Learning Hub, one of the leading Tamil Learning Centres offering quality Tamil coaching to primary and secondary school pupils. In the absence of a professional tutor like Wordsmith, learners of Tamil are liable to make more mistakes. 

Wordsmith Learning Hub offers one-to-one personalised lessons in Tamil that could easily fit into one’s learning style and study plan. We show you the way in achieving a high level of proficiency in Tamil vocabulary in no time. 

Are you looking for the best Tamil learning centre in Singapore? We have some of the best tutors in the country. Our Tamil tutors are highly experienced and certified in teaching the language. We deploy the most innovative teaching methodology in teaching Tamil, such that you can pick up Tamil words, expressions and phrases easily and gain fluency faster. We also help our students create their very own learning schedule so that they can study at their own pace.

We also help you appreciate the ethnic Tamil dialects and the growing influence of the language. Our tutors are courteous and empathetic, and go the extra mile in addressing individual learning needs. Talk to us; register with us today to learn Tamil in all its glory and richness.

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