Learning Tamil until the early 1990s was restricted only to the pages of the tutorial textbooks and private course books. Time was a costly commodity then. And Tamil learners were content with a one-way mode of learning, which was far less interactive; content, outdated; time, precious little. Classrooms back then were a boring place with not many trainers too competent to navigate the intricacies of the language. The evolution of the web proved revolutionary in bringing classroom to home and opening access to language training for millions of learners across the world.

Online Tamil e-learning classes bridged the great gulf between learning and communication. Interactive Tamil classes ensured instant feedback, scores, course correction and action plans. Interactive instructional videos paved the way to creating a natural flow of learning. The emergence of learning apps in recent times has helped trainers, teachers and educators to stay innovative in terms of delivering learning content and style.

Web and mobile apps have led the way in learning Tamil fast and easy. Wordsmith Tamil Dictionary has turned out to be one of the most comprehensive free dictionaries online and mobile apps available on Android and iOS comprising in excess of 50,000 word entries. The Wordsmith Tamil Dictionary App, highly rated for its user-centric design, is packed with a simple, yet powerful way to learn Tamil, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner.

The Wordsmith is perfect for expanding your Tamil vocabulary and adding more words to your word bank at a great pace. With an easy navigation structure, fast search operation and auto word suggestion, it boasts of a highly functional UI (User Interface) that is powerfully conversant with the app users. The app covers a broad description of words including phrasal verb and idiomatic words. The app is built with favourite word backup and restores. The best part is that it can be used even without an active Internet connection.  

Looking for the most effective App on Android and iOS for learning Tamil easily as never before? You are well on your way to downloading our Wordsmith Tamil Dictionary app.

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