Ofttimes it is said that Tamil is older than Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages of the world. The veracity of the claim was greatly debated at the “World Classical Tamil conference” in Coimbatore in 2010.  

As many as 20 Tamil words have found a mention in Vedas, according to a research study conducted by known linguist Robert Caldwell, who was the first to coin the term Dravidian language and declare Tamil as a ‘classical language’. This stands a testimony to the claim that Tamil had an existence prior to that of Sanskrit as a highly developed language.

Devaneya Pavanar, a popular Indian Tamil author of over 35 books and an active proponent of the “Pure Tamil movement” attest to the fact Tamil is the primary classical language of the world. He added that Tamil is not only an international language but the mother of all the languages in the world.

A lot of root words are found in many languages of the world in several forms and modifications retaining the semantic meaning of a particular word. In many of the world languages, words that have no connection with Tamil language are a rarity. Therefore, the fact that Tamil is the mother of all languages in the world is beyond reasonable doubt and cannot be contradicted or disproved easily!

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