Let’s get straight to the point: is Tamil a difficult language to learn? Anybody who attempts to learn Tamil—or any language for that matter—would have hiccups early on. It is a matter of correcting mistakes as you keep learning and honing your skills every time.

Tamil Letters
  1. Learn the 18 consonants, 13 vowels and 6 Sanskrit supporting letters first and the rest will fall in place. Learning 13 x 24 letters will then be a cakewalk for you.
  2. Luckily, there are no 4 Ka, 4 Ta, 4 Cha, 4 Pa and 4 Tha in Tamil script. Tamil script has only one Pa, Tha, Cha, Ka and Ta. This would save precious time in learning those additional 15 x 13 letters found in other Indian languages.
  3. There are a few additional letters in Tamil such as ‘NA’, TRA and LZHA. Totally, you can find 3 NA’s in Tamil, and that is an addition of studying 3 x 13 letters.
  4. This said the combination letter of consonants and vowels is fairly simple. You can find a few letters that are quite distinct in VOO and VU sequence.
  5. There aren’t any jumbled and combined letters. That’s a bit of relief! Other Indian languages like Sanskrit or Hindi don’t fail to confuse you with a combination of two or more letters.  Tamil language, as a result, boasts a lot of shorter words that are easily understandable.
  6. You need to pronounce the letters straight (like other vernacular languages). This makes Tamil quite easy to read, write and speak.

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