Though there are traditional methods, either offline or online, to learn Tamil language, there are interesting ways too to study Tamil, and master the language. Here are a few ways by which you can make a head start into studying this classical language:

1.The simplest method is to tete-a-tete or chat with your friends, locales and native speakers of the language.

2.If you know any language other than Tamil, we suggest you to watch Tamil movies which are dubbed, bilingual or remade from Tamil. Now, as you watch in Tamil, get the gist of the story, try to understand the dialogues with the sub-titles and their meaning. This is a sure-fire method to learn the language fast and easy. Watch Tamil films directed by directors Gautham Menon, Manirathnam, and mostly romantic genre movies. You can find a decent list of Tamil movies online. Everyone will have different tastes and preferences. Don’t go for comedy movies at the start as you may have difficulty picking the jokes easily— understanding the slang or colloquial form can be tricky. Movies with slowed- down dialogue scenes can help you pick Tamil words and phrases quickly. Movies in the 1980 era are the best of the lot. Epic-based Tamil movies can’t help you much in learning words for everyday conversation.

3.Learning Tamil is also about learning and understanding its culture, tradition, cuisine and lifestyle. Fall in love with the language and learning can happen in a visually appealing way.

4.Always carry a note with you and start writing down Tamil verbs and nouns, for instance: Egg- Muttai, Milk- Paal, Dhal- Paruppu, etc. This will definitely help enrich and expand your day-to-day repertoire of Tamil vocabulary.

5.Never be afraid to start talking in Tamil with the words you learn every day. Remember practise makes you perfect. As Tamilians are generally congenial and affable, they can help you learn the language if they happen to know that you want to study the language.

All said and done, you will be a laughing stock at times, but simply turn a blind eye to it, and move on. Remember you’re learning something new, and there always will be discouragement even from your close quarters. Never lose your cool and confidence at any point. Finally, download our Wordsmith Tamil Dictionary Online App, and start using it for learning Tamil, whether you are just starting or some experience under your belt.