Let’s move on from where we left off in the previous blog. This blog will cover the rest of the techniques on how to use a dictionary to learn new Tamil words when reading.

  • Give it a detailed read:

Now that you’ve already understood the text, and, basically, the essence of it, give it a detailed read. Ensure you understand every bit of the paragraph you read; get the hang of the main points. If you find you’re stuck with any word, underline it whose meaning you haven’t any idea of; however, don’t stop reading; the later parts of the paragraph may help you understand what it’s about.         

  • Harp on the tricky words:

Now go back to the words you understood, and chance upon the meaning of these words. If you’ve had understood the text, you can get most of your guesses right. If you’re still troubled by the new words, try linking them to other words or expressions that convey the same meaning; they might be possible synonyms.

  • Check with the dictionary:

It’s time to check with your dictionary if your guess was right. If not, write down the correct meaning of the new words, and save them for future reference.

  • Read the text again:

Now that the meaning of the words and expressions in the passage is clear, give it a read again to help you remember the sentences containing the new words. Pay attention to the usage and the connotation of the new words as much as their meaning, because it’ll help you with the correct usage of the word or expression.

The downside of the technique mentioned here is that it can be a tad tedious if you are preparing for your exam, or if it’s a lengthy book read. However, it’s fine for everyday reading: instead of reading something four times, limit it to twice. Remember the rule: always guess the meaning of the word before using the dictionary.

Hope you find the above-mentioned tips useful. All you need to do now is to pick the right reading material, and use Wordsmith Tamil Dictionary app, one of the largest free dictionaries for English to Tamil and Tamil to English translation available in Android and iOS.

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