The Internet Search Engine giant Google, in a bid to create a wider market for Tamil language content on the Internet, has planned to pull together Tamil bloggers, advertisers and publishers from across Tamilnadu. Last year, Google India also hosted a meet up in Chennai to formally announce its plans. This was followed by the launch of Google AdSense and Adwords products for advertisers and publishers targeted at Tamil language users.

Google also organized workshops for participants on how to create business and create income through Tamil-based content. According to Google, Tamil language search users are highly active with 40% of the overall Tamil participants hooked to online content. Earlier, Google was highly successful in bringing in new content creators and publishers online in Hindi. It has planned to duplicate the success template of Hindi for Tamil. The growth of digital advertising and marketing has encouraged many advertisers to create content in local languages, and revenue that comes out of this can help content creators and publishers develop a sustainable business model on the web.

As part of this push online, Google recently introduced Tamil support in their advertising products enabling advertisers and content creators interact with Tamil users online. It’ll also make a slew of investments in the future supporting content creators in Tamil language, thereby establishing a strong base for Tamil content on the web. Google had also introduced Tamil Language support for Google AdSense and Google AdWords, through which advertisers and publishers can create and manage ads in Tamil, starting with Hindi. 

As per Google sources, the local language ad market is poised to grow to 10000 crores in the coming three years. The overall market, which is currently 5% of the total digital advertising market, is expected to grow to 35% during the same period. India with 234 million Indian language users online (in comparison with 175 million English web users) is a huge market for Google that is aiming to reach 534 million users by 2021.

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