Tamil people take great pride in Tamil language and its glorious culture.“Vanakkam!” Is how anybody would joyfully greet you, a common usage to respect the presence of another person! Tamil people love their language to such an extent that they even name their kids after their language and poets. Most Tamil people can speak different slangs of the local language including the famous ‘Madras Bashai’ and most importantly, they can pick up a variety of them! With Tamil people generally being extremely friendly and generous, their strong culture strengthens the family ties and links. They are also the highest contributors to various global humanitarian and relief fund programs.

Tamil culture is all about hospitality with a deep belief that serving food to others is a service to humanity. Tamil people are also blessed with good fashion sense, having an extraordinary ability to find out original ‘Kanjeevaram Silks’ from the cheap knock-offs.

Tamil was finally declared a classical language of India in 2004, the first to qualify so! It wasn’t the accomplishment of various conquests or construction of colossal monuments that made Tamil culture great; it was the simple and noble thoughts of the Tamil people that made this culture stand the test of times. Sadly, one could also witness the decline of Tamil language in recent times because of various social, cultural and local factors including the dominance of other foreign languages and impact of globalization and information technology. Without a systematic and carefully planned movement to protect Tamil language, this great culture and identity will die a slow death unknown, like a tribal dialect as home bound. The onus lies with each of us to preserve this splendid Tamil culture and identity. It’s now or never.

“யாதும்ஊரே; யாவரும்கேளிர்”; – புறநானூறு. 192,

“All the world is my world, all humanity is my fraternity” – The Purananuru 192, Kaniyan Pungundranar

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