The first part of the blog covered some awesome facts on Thirukurral, one of the most important treatises of ethics in Tamil literature. We will cover a few more dot points on the intriguing facts of Thirukkural that will simply ‘wow’ you:    

Facts about thirukkural
  • Though there are 247 Tamil alphabets, you can only find 37 alphabets used in the Thirukkural.
  • There are only two flowers in the entire book: Kuvalai (Cup Flower) and Anicham (Scarlet Pimpernel).
  • There is only fruit mentioned in the book: Nezlhunji.
  • There is only seed mentioned in the book: Kundrimani (Crab’s eye tree)
  • Only two trees feature in the book: Palm and Bamboo.
  • The alphabet that features the most in the book is ‘னி’. It appears 1705 times.
  • Two alphabets appear only once: ளீ, ங.
  • Interestingly, two keywords தமிழ் (Tamil), கடவுள் (Tamil for ‘God’) do not appear even once in the entire book.
  • The first Tirrukkrual (and Naladiyar) texts were published by Gnanaprakasam in 1812, and printed at the Masadinacaritai Printers in Chennai.
  • The total number of words is 14,000.
  • Thirukkural has in total 42,194 letters.
  • The number 9 was never used at all. Any guesses?
  • The word ‘Kodi’ (Tamil for ‘Crore’) appears in seven places.
  • The word ’70 kodi’ (70 ‘Crore’) feature once.
  • It has been translated into 26 international languages.
  • It has been translated into English by 40 prominent authors
  • There are five kurals that won’t touch lips while reading.
  • Thirrukual couplets are found all over inside the TamilNadu State Transport Corporation buses.
  • A few couplets of Thirrukural have been prominently displayed in France railways. There is also a French translation of the Thirrukural found in a train in France.

You will be, for sure, bowled over by these above and more as we continue to discuss the astonishing facts of Thirrukural in the forthcoming blogs.

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