Here are a few strategies for developing Oral language skills in learning Tamil. Oral language is one of the most fundamental skills for academic and social conversations; it pays to mastering oral language skills while learning Tamil as, as a learner, you use this skill all throughout to process and pass instructions, ask questions, make requests, get new information and deal with peers.

1.If you’re looking to learn Tamil, you need to spark interactions whenever opportunity presents itself. Ask questions, rephrase your answers, and do whatever you can to trigger conversation.

2.Maintaining eye contact with the listener is as important as the conversation itself, as it immediately attracts the listener’s attraction, and helps adjust his or her volume, tone, language and organization of the speech. This in turn will help you develop into a better communicator, and successfully interpret non-verbal clues.

3.Speak loudly and clearly and monitor your volume and articulation. Remember loud and clear speech will put you in a distinct advantage within your social group or community.

4.It is important to adjust your volume, pitch, speed and rhythm while speaking and getting your message across. Sometimes, or more often than not, how you speak is more important than what you speak as it can result in serious misunderstandings.

5.Use consistent cues to get the listener’s attention.

6.Start with simple sentences always and move on to the more complex ones. That is how conversations are built by the participants.

7.It is important to understand and learn Tamil phrases, use them as much as you can in everyday conversation, and remember to form complete sentences later until you are confident of using them with a larger group.

8.Check out if there is any disconnect between what was asked and what was answered by you with the help of a native Tamil speaker who can help you with course correction now and then.

Do try these tips mentioned above, and let us know how you were able to improve your oral skills by getting in touch with us.