We will continue from where we left in the first blog. Let us help you add more Tamil books to your shelf, and this, of course should stimulate the way you learn Tamil  with the help of our Wordsmith Tamil Dictionary App, and they are all for your taking:

11. Kuranguma Munivar Kathaikal
Author: Nara. Nachiappan

12. Cholar Varalaru
Author: M. Rasamanikanar

13. Avvaiyar Ponmozhikal
Author : Aru. Ramanathan

14. Thirukkural Thelivurai
Author: Mu Varadarajan

15. Kuula Maataari (Novel)
Author: Perumalmurugan

16 . Detective Thirumathees (டிடெக்டிவ் திருமதீஸ்)
Author:  Jalan

a. Guru Sisyak Kathaikal
Author: Dr.S.Chandra

17. Moodhurai
Author:  Avvaiyar and N. M. Venkatasamy Nattar

18. Vezhanaattu Venthan
Author:  Swamy (N. R. Sampath)

19. Rayar Appaji Kathaikal
Author: Aru.Ramanathan

20. Pirantha Mann
Author: N. Parthasarathy

Hold on; we are going to list more books for you in the concluding part of this blog. You are on your way to becoming an expert Tamil book reader!

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