Books are a great source of learning to study Tamil, whether you are just starting out to learn the language or looking to improve the way you speak and write Tamil.  Even a brief description of these books listed will be beyond the scope of the blog. Here is a quick cheat sheet of 30 books that could actually help you in making headway into learning this beautiful language:

1. Colloquial Tamil: The Complete Course for Beginners (Colloquial Series)
Author: E. Annamalai & R.E. Asher

2. Vikramathithan Kathaigal ( விக்கிரமாதித்தன் கதைகள்)
Author: V. Kr. Ramanathan and Se. Devasenathipathi

3. Kalki Short Stories (கல்கியின் சிறுகதைகள்)
Author: Kalki

4. Ammavai Thedi
Author: N. Murugesan

5. Kallori mudhal Kalyanam varai
Author: Anbazhagan

6. Easop Kathaikal
Author: R.Saraswathy

7. Jeyamohan Novelkalum Sirukathaikalum 
Author: Kesavamani

8. Ki.Mu.Ki.Pi
Author: Madhan

9. Jayakanthan Kathaigal
Author: Jayakanthan

10. Otran
Author: Jayakanthan

We have several more Tamil books for you without which your bookshelf is incomplete.  Let us follow the aforementioned list up in the next part of the blog.

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